Important decision of happiness

The way to happiness

The only important decision of happiness

According to research, while each pillar is essential for a balanced life, healthy relationships can be the most important decision of happiness. We have all developed as social creatures after all. And we can add more friends or a romantic partner closer to sharing our friends even for a wonderful life.

Today is an international day of happiness. In the last five years, the United Nations has celebrated the importance of happiness in the lives of people throughout the world. Schools, companies and governments everywhere celebrate this important day in a unique way.

In Philadelphia, the birth of positive psychiatrists, a psychiatric center at Pennsylvania University, hosted a free “teaching” event for the Pan community and the public right “knowledge and well-being” in which many conferences differ In the aspects we were happy to let two speakers talk about what science can tell us about things that can be done well and to help us and others. We focus on the importance of promoting the good news and present the research that we congratulate in our book together: using positive psychological science to build positive love.

We now know that happy, platinum and romantic relationships have a strong impact on our prosperity. We also believe that all relationships are needed, especially romantic. Not only the magician, except the fairy tales, of course. In real life, healthy habits are the same that lead to long-term love and happiness.

To improve your relationship, follow the following tips

Spend a few minutes about your romantic relationship and your relationship with your partner. Do you focus on your relationship issues? Or do you focus on the opportunity to connect? Ask yourself how much specific steps you can take to better improve your connection.

  • What you focus instead of doing wrong in your relationship. Since good things are more than five times worse than bad things on a daily basis, make sure you direct negatively negatively.
  • Identify and use your strength everyday and help your partner too. The couple who help each other use their power enjoy more relatively and sensual satisfaction.
  • Follow daily attention to your attention on a good focus in your partner. Every day sitting on some comfortable chair, start a simple meditation by focusing on closing your eyes and breathing.

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