10 Rules For Online Chat Rooms

Chat Rules

Chat Rules For Online Chat Rooms

The latest technologies reduce the distance and connect each other through internet. Latest devices are common in use. Everyone use cellular devices, laptop and computer for several propose. Like business, study, entertainment information. Many people use cell phone etc for time passing and fun like online chatting. But there are few rules that you must remember when chat with someone. These rules help you for your person security and safety. So let a look on these rules.

Maintain Privacy

Online plate form provides you the facility of chatting with different region of your country. Where you can connect with different people and enjoy fun of life. But don’t give your person information when you chatting with stranger. Always make your profile private like only your friend and family relation can see your information. Few examples of personal info that should remain protected include your real name, telephone, mailing address, cell phone number, passwords, banking like bank account information you location etc. You can share you information after long time when you think the person who chatting with you is 100% trusted.

Don’t Trust Everyone

Every person is not real on internet but everyone is not fake. But for your safety you don’t need to truest on first chat. There are several type of people make fake profile. You can judge these people after chatting. Fake people always demand like I need borrow money I will return back. You can trust people after first face to face meeting anywhere else social platforms like Facebook or others.

Use Protected Sites

Chat rooms come in all different categories. Some chat rooms are a free for all people, while others have specific rules, permissions and codes of conduct that must be followed every person of the chat room. Make sure that you enter a chat room for chatting is suit for you. Fewer than 18 have no place chatting with adults. Find a chat room with a moderator who can add more security and privacy by filtering out any inappropriate content from the chat room.

Parental Control

Teenagers are often the targets of predators because fewer than 18 are generally very trusting. Tell your children vital online safely chatting rules. Teach your children about online chatting rules and Make sure that your kids are in age-appropriate chat rooms or chatting groups and encourage your children to come to you if they ever feel un-comfy about any query. Most of the times it is best to only allow your children to chat with someone that they personally know, rather than allowing conversations with unknown.


Be careful when you select the chat room for joining the conversation. The name of the chat room provides you the conversation inside the chat room. Like if you want chat with history lover you can select the group of history and if you want chat with funny people you can select funny people group.

External Links

This role is important role for online chat lovers. When you see any link in the group or someone personal message you to click link don’t click on them. Few of link have specific virus which can harm your mobile, Computer etc. Then script get your information about you login details and may hack your account in feature. Be careful and don’t download any unknown source link.


Enable history save option from your application setting. When you chat with stranger in the chat room you must save the history of conversation. This information is very use full for you. Like when you want to report someone or report a chat. This history is solid evidence.

Block Unknown Users

Block user is special feature in chat rooms. Every platform allows the block feature. You can block a person when you don’t want chat with him/her any more. After blocking someone he/she cannot access your profile, account information.

Report Suspicious User

All chatting platforms allow reporting suspicious activity. If you think someone have inappropriate behavior you are able to report that person. You can report person if someone sharing virus link in the group or in personal conversation. The support may see them and take action against that account.