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Make Friends

How To Make Strangers Your Best Friends

If I ask simple question how many of you want to conversation with a stranger? I am sure so many of you will have just nodded your head. Yes I know we go through this many times when we think. You want to talk a person but we can’t do it. Because you are not confident and you think what he/she will think about me? In this article I am going to help you how boost confidence and start chat with a stranger.

Body Language

This is the first point of starting conversation with a stranger. Stranger can be anybody like you are using chat room or even you are travelling and your co- passenger. It could be a person like on train station or some kind of shop kipper or new student in your school. So what you have to do.

The moments when you see stranger or a person who you want to start chat or conversation. Understand what she/he is currently doing or their current state. For example if the person is browsing through so shot of knowledge on internet and still in trouble. You can’t talk at that time. When you see he/she is in relax mode like using cell phone smile you can start chatting and that is right time. Initially you have see body language of the person.

Collect Information

After successfully complete the first step now you can move to the second step and that is collect information. For example you are sitter in airplane and your co- passenger is reading a novel. Focus your attention on the novel and read title even she/he doesn’t know you are reading something. Or he/she browsing on internet you must notice which shot of material she/he want. You collect this type of information because you know the interest of the person. When you want to stat conversation you know what to talk.

Self Confidence

After successfully complete the second step now it is third step and that is self confidence. You are getting a chance to go and talk with him and her. So what you going to do you are going to tell yourself. It is time for me to go and start conversation. Don’t start fumbling within yourself and don’t start telling yourself. Like oh..! I don’t think I can do this.
Make Friends

If the person is busy or she is in a middle of something. She’s definitely going to tell you can you hang for a second please or they are really gentle. They are going to keep their work aside. Yes of course she/he definitely is going to start conversation. The most horrible mistake you would do is loose your self confidence. If you go and tell her, you know I was just wondering if I just have a word with you. Trust me friends forget about talking to you. She just going to walk out and she won’t interest in you and she’s going to doubt your intentions. When you lack this your intentions are being doubted. So don’t lack self confidence.

Open End Questions

After successfully complete the third step now it is fourth step and that is self open ended question. In the school or college when teacher ask question which end with yes or no. Open end question is something which gives you an answer in more than yes and no. remembers over here we don’t want close ended questions. When you try to start conversation with a stranger you say hi! You know me he/she say no conversation end. This is not type open end question.

Open end question is like when someone reading novel and you ask can you tell me event of this novel. When she starts it will become a quick and nice conversation. Try to avoid close end question like you do you like tea. When you ask this kind of question you definitely get answer yes or no. You cannot further continue the conversation after close end question. Try to ask open end question and enjoy the conversation and use best approach.

Leave Them Waiting

After successfully complete the fourth step now it is fifth step and that is leaving them waiting. We already understand all the four step and now moving to last one. In these four steps we successfully start the conversation. You always ensure that you start such a conversation which doesn’t end over there. For example if you are talking about a novel let’s say you are talking about a book. Don’t finish your conversation in haste go show relax and try to leave the person wanting for more. Next time I am sure he/she will meets you. Remember these points which I share with you and these tips help you to have amazing conversation.

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