20 Ways To Start Chat With Guy

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How To Start Chat With a Guy

Starting a chat can be stressful because you don’t want to over chat or under chat. You want to make sure you are saying the right thing. Sometimes you start chat someone and mean it sound one way but the person reads it is another way. There are all these different things that you have to consider before stating chat. It’s kind of hard and difficult task. In this topic I help you how to start chat with a guy and make it interesting.

Kick off Chat With Something Awesome

Opening with something awesome is awesome if you can. It should be anything that you think. He’ll response to but know that if it is something funny. He will start chatting and fall in love at first text of chatting. Be careful with other people senses of humor through he can be turned off as fast as he fall in love.


Remember the little details about a person like name etc. it’s is awful and important when you chat some guy for more than one time. Like some name start with “a” and end with “t”. Remember someone nick name and say it back to them during chat. You are no idea how important you are making them feel. That’s not only the detail remember all the other detail. The places they are living and the places where he go. There loving pets name or the things they like more remember these few things and repeat it back when chatting with them. Ask genuinely interest and automatically you kind of become an investor in their well being. So they will feel responsible to you to keep that chatting going. We can say the chatting with a guy is just like a reading novel. You can jump into any page where you want or we can say you can start any topic during chatting. You can spend more time there as you want.

Engage Him

Find about what he cares about and ask him specific questions about that topic. Like simple example if you love surfing ask him about his favorite surf spot. How he got started surfing flirt a little if you are talking about him about surfing. Find a good time to slop in the fact you did love to. Learn how to surf and maybe he could teach. You see what I did there I am flirting with a non-existent surfer boy. Think about the guy.

Don’t Overreact

What happens when he stop chatting with you. When you cannot explain what went wrong. The one thing that is overreacts. Don’t send in multiple chat messages asking him if he’s there he might be away from computer, laptop or mobile phone form last one day. When he comes back the phone, laptop or computer may turn off. Dozen chat messages create negative impact. So be patient when chatting with a guy.

Pass a Unique Compliment

I know that people will forget what you do and forget what you say. But people never forget how you made them feel happy or angry. So be generous and give someone a nice full compliment. I have belief about a” compliment immunity meter” and it comes from this experience. Like when you chat with a supermodel and say wow! You are beautiful. You will see no reaction on her face. You must think why no reaction. She is immune to the word beautiful. She probably heard it a hundred and thousands of times in a day. If she is on social like post there picture she must hear it million of times. There are some words that each of us have developed an immunity to.

It could be awesome, nice and even it cool. Stay away from these words. Try and construct a compliment that’s genuine, unique and don’t have to lie. When you look someone guy and say “I love how when you laugh”. It’s like your eyes smile and then you nose lips, forehead and ear smiles. You will see suddenly whole person just laughing. I hope that’s a compliment you are not going to forget for a while. Pay a unique and genuine compliment.

Color Your Chat With Emojis

When you want to start chat with a handsome guy you can use Emojis. Use Emojis hace changed the game of chatting. There is no better way to flirt while you are chatting than using Emojis. It doesn’t even matter what you are talking about an Emoji can change the entire meaning of chat. But it important to make sure the Emoji matches the vibe you are trying to give off. For example when you are talking to guy and you are not interested in topic on which he is chatting. You can send him hard eye, angry Emojis etc. There little things make chat interesting.

Don’t Show Laziness

You know when want to chat with someone or someone try to chat with you. Just be wholeheartedly present and be there. When you start video chat with guy your focus must be on eye to eye contact. Trust me eye contact is where all the magic happens. You can feel the chat and when you are looking at someone eyes 9/10 they will not dare look away. Like if someone see in the eyes believe me you will not tuning out during the small break.

Ask For an Opinion

We all have opinion and we all want them to be heard. Everybody wants validations. So go on and ask for an opinion and that’s when you open up a two way street. That is when the read communication starts. You’ll be surprised how much you can pick up about a person just by asking their opinion on something pretty generic. Here is a mistake that some people make. They ask your opinion about something really difficult.

It feels almost intimidating. Somewhere in room full of very well informed people. Someone was to stat chat and say what you think about the way the mobile phone prices have affected the auto mobile in United State of America. The person like me thing it is exam for me and if I don’t answer I will fail. This is a big lesson for you because nobody fails at very first chat. Just you ask something really simple and keep it generic. You can start chat and ask like question like how do you like your ice cream. When did you watch your last tour and what did you think of it. When someone reply just lessen and only listen.

Be Relevant

When asking him questions are specific. Like if a girl want chat and send message to a guy hi. What’s up compare to if a girl says hey how your football game was yesterday. There is a different between how much I feel like she wants about me. Hey what’s up is so generic guy feel I am just going to say something extra. The chatting doesn’t really go anywhere it can get kind of boring. guy just feel like there’s a lack of interest in that chatting. On the other way if a girl asking you about something you have been doing or did. Guy feels like she really wants to know about it. Guy will give more detail about situation.

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