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Things to Check before Sending Facebook Friend Request

Facebook is a big social network where people connect each other. It is a secure network and also public network. People share their activities on social media like what they are doing. Change their profile picture and get feedback from their friends and family member. Many individuals use social network like Facebook for their own social promotion or brand promotion etc.

But here I will explain which type of things you need to check before sending friend request on Facebook. You can also use this approach on other network. I am discussing about Facebook because most off the people use Facebook. You read step by step guide like that will help you a lot when you add friends.

Check Friend Request Button

The very first step checks the friend request button. Friend request button tell you about social status of person. Just imagine if the person does not enable option of friend request how you can send friend request. So first check the friend request button. Other option if you know the person and friend request button not disable you can send them inbox message through messenger. When the person read message he/she will send you friend request. After adding them you can see post on their profile and comment like post of the person.

Profile Picture

After complete the first step now move toward the second step. The second step checks the profile picture of the person who you want to send friend request. Profile picture tell you about the background of the person. It tells you the person who you are sending friend request is real or fake. On the other side if the person use abuse picture you don’t need to send him/her friend request. The picture tells you the back ground of the person. It also tell you about their like and dislike. Like if the person is real and he/she use picture of pets it means the person is pet lover.

Cover Photo

After complete the second step now move toward the third step. The third step is all about check the cover photo of the person. Most of the people use covers photo like friend group photo and family group photo etc. if the person uses their own profile photo and group photo of family etc and shows the person is real. I don’t say it is hundred percent true but it is sign of real profile or real id. On the other way if person don’t use real profile picture and cover it do not means it is hundred percent fake person. But it is sign of fake profile or fake id.

Relationship Status

After complete the third step now move toward the fourth step. The fourth step is all about check relationship status. The relationship status tells you about the person are he, she single or married. Relationship status also tells you about engagement and also about boyfriend or girlfriend. So when you want to add new person in your life you must check it. People also mention on their profile about they are finding new partner or want new friends.

Recent Posts

After complete the fourth step now move toward the fifth step. The fifth step is all about check recent post. Recent post gives you knowledge about present mode of person who you want to add as friend. Like someone share angry or dashboard post you don’t need to send them friend request. If the person is in pleasure mode that is good option to send friend request. Recent post also tells about current mind set of the person. You can browse day by day post of that person. These posts give you a lot of information about that person.


After complete the fifth step now move toward the sixth step. The sixth step is all about check location. The location tells you about person are suitable for you or not. Like you are living in America and you want long term relationship with a person who like in Australia that is impossible for you to meet them. You can also check the recent location that they visit or prefer with friends.


After complete the sixth step now move toward the seventh step. The seventh step is all about check biography. Biography tells you about person like dislike etc. in biography you can check the age of that person. You can also check the qualification of the person and also information about sibling. This information gives you all basic and advice information about that person.

Personal Interests

After complete the seventh step now move toward the eighth step. The eighth step is all about check social interest. Before sending request someone you must know the social interest. For example my social interest meets people who interest in hiking but I send request to a person who hates hiking. You select the person according to your interest. For example you political point of view is same as the person who you want to add in your friend list.

Random Profile

After complete the eighth step now move toward the ninth step. The ninth step is all about person you know already. This is very simple approach. In this approach you add the friend who you personally know. Person may be your friend, relative, school fellow, college fellow, university fellow or living in your area. This type of person accept friend without thinking. Make sure the person who you want friend have official id. Most of the id is register on cell number. If you find them through cell number that is grantee person is real.

You have option of suggesting like friend may you know you can select real one. You also avoid send request to the person who setting profile only personally known friends can send request. If you send friend to this kind of person he/she make you spam. The result of spam you can block for few days to add new friends. So be care about before sending friend request to such type of person.

There are also other tips available on internet. According to my knowledge I select best tips for you. Read these tips before sending request. Hope these tips help you a lot when you want new friends.

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